What is the Druzy Gemstone?

What is the Druzy Gemstone?
The druzy gemstone, like the one in this picture, sparkles with beauty. That's what drew me to this stone. But what is a druzy stone exactly? A druzy is composed of sets of tiny crystal minerals that form on the surface of another stone. As there are many types of minerals, there are many types of druzy. Each type of druzy has particular characteristics, such as crystal size, luster, and color. Quartz and agate are one of the most common druzy. No matter what mineral forms the druzy, the overall appearance usually resembles that of sugar. The tiny crystals are considered beautiful because, like large gemstones, they glitter and catch rays of light.
The geological process that forms a druzy occurs when water brings minerals onto a rock's surface. When the water evaporates, cooling occurs and the minerals are left behind to form crystals on top of the rock. Depending on the minerals, druzy gemstones can be almost any color of the rainbow, from white to pink, blue, purple, green or black.
When one wears the druzy gemstone, it is said you'll experience light, joy, creativity, and relaxation. Really, there's no downside to this stunning stone. So, you can see why I enjoy working with it and why I love wearing it myself.
I hope you'll enjoy the Druzy collection as much as I do.

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