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Breast Cancer Showroom House

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Breast Cancer Showroom House


On Milwaukee's East Side from June 6th until June18th is the Breast Cancer Showhouse. The proceeds raised during this event go to the Medical College of Wisconsin, supporting early stage breast cancer and prostate cancer research. It is an honor to be part of this event for my 7th year. 

Visitors are invited to tour this year's beautiful Showhouse, as well as to visit the pop-up boutique located in the garage (30% of all sales are donated to the cause). You will find my jewelry and other vendors products in boutique as we remember loved ones affected by breast and prostate cancer. I do this in memory of my Aunt La Verne (pictured above) and many friends who battled breast cancer. 

When I was 10 years old, my Aunt La Verne moved in with my family as she began her breast cancer treatment. Because I was just 10, I didn't understand how serious her illness was. I was just happy that she was staying with us for an extended period of time - we even shared a bedroom (I thought this was a real treat). She would read her bible to me each night, making me made feel special.

Every time I saw her, she thanked me for sharing my room with her. I would tell her it was a gift to me to have her. Decades later, I still cherish these special moments with my Aunt La Verne. Unfortunately, I have become far too familiar with the pain and heartbreak that comes along with breast cancer. The disease has afflicted so many of my own friends and loved ones. I have shared my Aunt La Verne's story with each of them, especially the happy ending: My Aunt passed away in her early 80's. She lived a long and full life and gave many women the courage to know they could also be a survivor. 

This is why I'm involved in the Breast Cancer Showroom House. I hope you can pay a visit to this wonderful house and event (click here for hours and direction).For now,  I pray that we will find a cure for cancer someday. 



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