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Jewelry Must-Haves

Jewelry Must-Haves
  • Hoop earrings: In my jewelry box, I have big, small, gold, and silver hoop earrings.  My necklace for the day helps me decide on which hoops to wear. If my necklace is heavier, for example, I'll wear a heavier pair of earrings.  Here are my favorites, which I have in both silver and gold!


  • Bracelets for stacking: This look has been in style for a while and not going anywhere. Just one new bracelet can add some new spunk to the bracelets you already have - an easy way to fresh up your jewelry. 

  • Multi-layered necklaces: One of my personal favorites. This necklace is made layered, making it simple to achieve that multi-layered look.


Do you ever get your chains completely tangled? I know, it is super annoying, but here is an article on how to easily untangle them -  Click here
I hope you enjoyed this blog. 
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