Designing Jewelry with Meaning

Designing Jewelry with Meaning

I've been designing jewelry for over 19 years. Any time I say this, I have such a hard time believing it has been that long. I started out making bracelets with Swarovski crystals, Bali silver, and pearls. Since then, my designs have grown to include earrings, necklaces, with beautiful semi-precious stones.

At one of my events, a customer came to my booth and shared with me the meaning of the stones I use. At the time, I was simply designing pieces of jewelry with stones I thought were pretty.  My customer revealed to me, however, that most of the stones I was drawn to were good energy stones - such as labradorite, amazonite, and kyanite. All of these are beautiful stones but the wonderful meaning makes them even more special.

Another bead that I've always loved is pearl. I try to include one in most of my designs. A lot of times I have a pearl dangling off the clasp.  Pearls are a symbol of peace. By using pearls in my designs I'm able to incorporate that peace into each piece of jewelry. 

I genuinely try to create jewelry women feel good wearing. A piece of jewelry may give a person the inspiration they need that day. Or by touching the pendant, it might remind her to breathe so she can relax. Sometimes, all we need is that final touch to complete any outfit and start the day feeling good. We all could use a little help like this.  

When I look back to where I started my business and where it is now, it really makes me smile. I'm so honored to design jewelry that is inspirational not only for me but also for my customers.

I really want to say thank you.




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