• Fall Fashion Week - Jewelry Update
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Fall Fashion Week - Jewelry Update

Fall Fashion Week - Jewelry Update
Part of my profession is to stay up to date with what is fashionable for the 
upcoming season. In fact, Vogue posted a great article about fashion
 week and the jewelry trends for Fall/Winter, 2016-2017. Click here to see
 the article. Sometimes when I look at the models from fashion week, 
I can't imagine wearing most of what they have on, even though 
I still love seeing such wild creativity. This time it was nice to see 
that even though some of the jewelry was a bit over the top for my taste,
 I was actually excited about what I was seeing. In the picture below, it's all about
 the pearls. You can wear them as a single strand or many layers. 
Pairing longer pieces with a choker looks especially hip and trendy. So, you can 
easily take what  already own and add a few pieces to easily update your look. 
In the picture below,I love the look of mixing your pearls with other metal
 necklaces. This takes a classic pearl necklace and adds a hip, modern twist.
With the weather changing it's exciting to go from our summer jewelry 
to the layering look of the fall/winter jewelry. If you need help with updating your jewelry case please contact me at margieedwardsdesigns@yahoo.com. 
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    Margie Edwards
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